Saturday, August 16, 2008

Posted by Bejat

Shawn has climbed number 7 of 14 total trees on the Via Maxxus. This tree was a beautiful climb for Shawn on a cloudy day with no sweet bees, wasps or ants. He was only up in the tree for 5 hours and maneuvered to many various branches. Since we were on a hilltop in a cleared area, next to a satellite tower, we were able to see the entire climb. I was able to capture some photographs of the process with my new zoom lens.

Kaya and I had adventures on the ground catching
Dendrobates haneli and I also caught an amazing horned beetle. We were only slightly drizzled with rain at the beginning of the climb, creating a cool atmosphere for the rest of the day. When we returned to camp it rained heavily. As we watched the rain from the balcony, we gave one another a glance that said it all...."Whew, just in time."

Scinax punerea discovered by Shawn inside the extracted bromeliads.

Dendrobates haneli ventral view for specimen shots.

Dendrobates haneli discovered by Kaya as we sat at a tree waiting for Shawn to send down a bromeliad. Glamor shot taken for the new frog for our species list.

Small scorpion and it's molt discovered by Shawn inside the extracted bromeliads.

View from the top of the tree by Shawn McCracken.

Shawn lowering a bromeliad from the crotch of the tree.

Shawn collecting weather data.

Shawn lowering another bromeliad.

Shawn bagging a bromeliad.

Shawn cutting a bromeliad out of the tree.

Shawn descending to the ground after extracting
bromeliads from the tree for 5 hours.

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