Sunday, September 21, 2008

Posted by Bejat

We are leaving this part of the Yasuni Rainforest tomorrow for the oil town of Coca. We will then move to the Via Auca. We will be inaccessible for the next several months, however, I will be updating the blog when it becomes possible once more with entries I compile while in the field.

Shawn's work is incredibly difficult and time consuming. His work is labeled as ground breaking, being the first person to do such research with amphibians within the canopy. His research is vitally important. The disturbance of roads has already proven to be a factor in not only frog populations, but also insects and bromeliads.

TADPOLE would greatly appreciate your donations to assist in funding all other aspects of our project like the photographic work, documentary, recordings, gps and the finding of new species. Equipment failure is always a factor in this harsh environment and we are in need of replacing several GPS units, antennas and ring flash. This equipment provides the proof necessary to save the most biological diverse place on Earth, Yasuni National Park, located within the Ecuadorian Amazon.

With even a $5 tax deductible donation you can help save this pristine rainforest. Not only is Yasuni National Park a Biosphere Reserve, but it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefor it is imperative that we must save this magical rainforest for future generations. You can make your donations online at and select the DONATE NOW. The TADPOLE website also contains a wonderful montage of music and ambient recordings from TBS, titled Amazonal. If you are able to make a larger donation you can receive photographic gifts (once we return to the States).

Thank you,
Bejat McCracken
TADPOLE artist/photographer/secretary/treasurer

Keep faith in yourself and others and anything is possible - B

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