Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Travis, Noah, Charne, Bejat, Shawn and the Grand Ficus

Posted by Bejat

It has been quite some time since our last entry due to power and internet issues. These are things that we take for granted, especially in the Western World, along with many other unimaginable things. That is why I believe that we should be grateful for all the simple things in life. No matter how difficult things may seem, we must remember how fortunate we are for the natural world that surround us, family, friends and all the luxuries we take for granted that make our lives so much easier. Issues always seem to work themselves out and we find that we are not who we began as, so we are changing daily. Finding ourselves again, developing mentally and physically, becoming better people.

We have had equipment failure and Magiver repairs. Some work, some do not. Most of these repairs have been with the GPS antenna, however, there has also been my camera lens too. The humidity has been the culprit we assume, except for the lens.

I am now the official GPS base station babysitter. So, that means I hang out with GPS base station that takes continuous points in camp. This provides Shawn with more accurate points when when averaging with points taken in the field by Shawn's assistant, Travis. Over the next week we preparing for our move to the Catolica Research Station and finishing our work up here at TBS. Travis has been working in the Puma plot surveying for trees with bromeliads and taking GPS points for these trees. He is also sorting insects to Order that were found in the bromeliads.

My Tapir excursions live on, tonight I sat at a salt lick. The Tapir was all around me but did not enter the salt lick. I found that I was in a bad location. To small of an area for a human because I believe she could smell me in this refined space that was down in a crevass. They have an immensely long nose and they use it well, it is their most heighten sense. Plus, the moon light did not allow me to be camouflaged in the shadows. So, I am back to the Harpia location. This location has a blind and is more open, just not as frequently visited. I will keep you posted once I am successful.

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